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  Outdoor Living Landscaping

Custom Outdoor Living Landscaping – Loveland, CO

We design and install outdoor kitchens and living rooms for every home and budget.

At SolMauna, we’re transforming the Colorado landscaping area one backyard at a time.

Whether you’re looking for a full outdoor kitchen complete with a top-of-the-line BBQ island, a comfortable outdoor living room, or just a simple fire pit for a good, old-fashioned bonfire, we can bring your outdoor landscaping visions to life with superior construction quality. At SolMauna, we are your trusted team for the best landscaping design and installation services in Loveland, Colorado, and surrounding areas.

We focus on providing the best possible information, materials, and customer service so you get the most out of your investment. We also take a great deal of pride in the quality of our workmanship.

Fire Pit Designs

Firepit designs can add beauty and warmth to your existing outdoor space. If you have ever wanted to enjoy your garden, landscape, or patio at night, but didn’t want to bundle up in your coat to do so, a fire pit is what your home needs.

Your Site Visit

At your site visit, your custom fire pit design estimator will share the latest fireplace features that make preparing, controlling, and maintaining a fire easy for you and your family. Some considerations in installing the best features for your home are:

  • Location of the fire pit within the landscape and wind exposure of the site

  • Number of people the fire pit area will accommodate

  • Will the fire pit be used for cooking and what types of cooking

  • Type of fuel source best for the desired maintenance required

  • The look and feel that will best enhance your home and landscape.

Landscape Lighting Design

After the property walkthrough, our designer will meet with you inside your home (with your permission) to discuss your thoughts, present demonstration samples from their sample kit, and discuss tentative system layouts that work within your budget requirements. From there, they can generate instant computerized proposals to show different options and price points. Once a final proposal(s) is agreed upon, we email it to you on the spot. At that point, the decision timeframe is completely up to you.

When needed, often for large residential and commercial projects, follow-up meetings with other decision-makers and/or landscaping contractors can also be scheduled. No matter when the decision is made, we promise to provide a relaxed, no-pressure experience that respects the customer’s time and budget.


First, call and schedule a landscaping design appointment. During the appointment, a landscape designer will come to your home to discuss your vision for your custom backyard landscaping design. All you have to do is tell us what you want – be it a high-tech BBQ grill, a refrigerator, a stove, an outdoor gas fireplace, or all of the above, and your budget. By the time we leave your home, not only will we know exactly what you want, but you will have a to-the-penny estimate and nothing will change unless you change your mind and want to downsize your plan or add something new!

Next, we’ll see how the structure fits right in your own backyard. Like pieces of a puzzle, we will put together a mock-up of what your creation will look like on our magnetic design board. If you like what you see, we’ll take it one step further and stage a two-dimensional model in your yard; this step is crucial because not only does it give you a chance to visualize the actual size of your island and how realistically it will fit into your lifestyle, but it also gives you an opportunity to make any adjustments before anything is permanent. We have found that approximately half of the time the design needs to be restructured after modeling it in the intended space.

SolMauna – ​Landscaping Loveland, CO

We don’t just build fixtures, we build lifestyles. When you’re ready to make the most of your backyard, give us a call.

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